What your brand is not

Asking what our clients are NOT can be more revealing than asking what they are.

March 19, 2014

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Our goal during Brand Articulation is to define your communication goals, define how to measure success, and draw a roadmap of actions and deliverables. But first we have to get to know who we’re working with.

Seth Godin’s post on Monday reminded us that’s it’s not just about who our clients are, but who they’re not:

Tell us what you’re choosing not to do, what you’re not supporting, who you’re not interested in working with.
If the there + the not there doesn’t add up to the universe of choices, you’ve missed something.
-Seth Godin

Reading his post, one of our clients came to mind. As we’ve moved from Brand Articulation into the identity design phase of a project with a restaurant entrepreneur, his “not” quotes have really helped me communicate his brand aspiration to our design team. “We’re not $20k and a pizza oven”, and “we’re not the white-collar cheesesteak”– we’re having so much fun finding that space in between.

We always ask our clients about potential risks, weaknesses, and customer misperception. This client success and Seth’s post remind us that as we get to know new clients, we should remember to be clear about who they (and who their audiences) are NOT.