West End Neighbors: Renovus

West End Neighbors: Renovus

In May, we moved off the Commons and down to the West End. We’re excited for so many reasons, but nothing beats our new neighbors. Meet Joe Sliker, President at Renovus.

November 10, 2013

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What does Renovus do?

We design and install renewable energy systems and super-high efficient heating and cooling systems.


Dakota Potenza–Project Manager, P.J. Beck–Operations Coordinator, Joe Sliker–President.

If Renovus was a person, what adjectives would you use to describe him or her?

Generally awesome. intelligent. motivated. hard-working. and hyper anal-retentive.

How did Renovus start?

My business partner was one of the directors at the synchrotron lab, and wanted to open a solar company because he couldn’t find someone to install it on his own home.

A sentence to describe your West End digs?

We retrofitted the whole building to produce enough energy with solar to operate everything.

The solar and mechanical systems at Renovus.

The solar and mechanical systems at Renovus.

Who are your favorite clients?

I have a lot of favorite clients. We work with a lot of people who are trying to live their lives differently. People who actually care about what they’re doing and are conscious of why they’re doing it.


Ellie, Renovus guard dog and #1 employee.

What surprises or excites your clients?

Once they have the systems and they have no energy bills they get giddy!

Any words of wisdom?

Don’t frack New York!

Learn more about the Renovus team at renovusenergy.com.