West End Neighbors: Quintessence Massage

West End Neighbors: Quintessence Massage

Our neighbors Adrienne & Crystal sat down with us to talk about Quintessence Massage & Wellness.

December 9, 2013

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Left: Adrienne Ruzic, B.S., LMT, Owner. Right: Crystal Arnold, LMT.

What do you do here at Quintessence?

Adrienne Ruzic: We massage! We treat clients who are looking to get a little relief from the discomforts that they’re feeling in their bodies.

Who is on your team?

AR: Crystal and I are the main therapists, but we do have a handful of other therapists that do use the space.IMG_7858

If Quintessence was a person, how would you describe them?

Crystal Arnold: Sparkly!
AR: Like a trusted friend. A very genuine friend.

How did you start Quintessence?

AR: I started right out of massage school. I knew that I wanted to have my own practice. I worked on a business plan and got started and it was a snowball effect! Over the course of 5 years we’ve actually grown smaller to try to better focus in on what Quintessence is about. About 2 years in Crystal joined us and was a perfect fit!

Tell us about your new location.


AR: Cozy, quiet, serene.
CA: Serene! That was the word that first came to my mind too.
AR: We used to be up across from the mall. This space was available and the space gave us a lot of flexibility.
CA: Its really centrally located to our clients. It’s nice to be downtown without being right downtown…
AR: It’s easy to get to but we avoid on-street parking and meter-feeding. We see a number of people that have disabilities or ailments that impede their mobility, so to have a space that is accessible and easy to get to is important.

What’s coming next for you?

AR: We’re looking to get the space a little more full. We’d love to have a chiropractor or nutritionist here. We find that just through the course of interacting with our clients we’re advising them to go see these kinds of people and it would be nice to have them all under one roof.

What surprises or excites your clients?

CA: Our gift certificates!
AR: Definitely the quality and the style of our work. It’s not a spa massage… it’s very customized and tailored. We set the bar really high. We’ve had a number of people who are getting their first massage, and they’re amazed. We’ve had people that have had bad experiences and are nervous and we’re able to turn that definition of massage around for them. So many people have this definition of what massage is and they come see us and they’re amazed. Another thing that surprises people is our professionalism. We really value what we do and we strive to meet everyone’s expectations with professionalism.


Words of wisdom?

Get massaged weekly! Even if it’s a half an hour. It transforms peoples’ day to day experience, outlook, sense of positivity and ease in their body. Come see us!

Book an appointment with Adrienne or Crystal at quintessencemassage.com.