Video Post: Radiohead In In Rainbows

Instrumental Faust Arp and Videotape? No Thom? Don’t worry, it’s still beautiful.

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August 8, 2008

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No, that isn’t a typo.

I’m happy to share my first video-based post. Here is an excerpt from the description I wrote on Vimeo:

One day in December of 2007 while riding to work on the bus I snagged my MP3 player (at the time a Palm Zire) on my bag, unplugging my headphones just the slightest bit. I was listening to “Faust Arp” at that precise moment, and Thom’s vocals completely cut out but the music (though now MONO) remained. I experimented with more of the album for the rest of my bus ride (and work day, subsequent journey’s, etc.). I had difficulty replicating it on my computer, but no problem with my iPod.

So I consider this an alternative way to dig into Radiohead‘s best album ever: In Rainbows.