There Will Be Links

There Will Be Links

If you read “links” and thought food, golf, or The Legend of Zelda, you might be disappointed.

November 29, 2013

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But believe me, food is on my brain. No fancy outfits though, or free drinks, but our fun links are back on this gloriously beautiful Friday (well, the sky is blue where we are).

  • We’re in love with the idea (because haven’t gotten our hands on these) of LittleBits. Korg synth kit? Yes please.
  • TC;DR – TabClosed;DidntRead is a Tumblog showcasing sites who put advertisements before their content.
  • Typography! South Rose is a beautiful (and free) display font. TypeConnection is a dating game for typography. And I paired up with French rocker Pamela Hute to turn her handwriting into a free font: Hute.
  • Mashup alert: The Skeetles mixes (for better or for worse) some Beetles classics with, well, non-beetles classics.

It’s a lite Friday, since we’re full on the inside. But if you missed it earlier in the week, we open-sourced 12 Lightroom presets for your photographic needs! The featured image at the top of this post uses one of the presets (Color 04 – no other alterations made aside from the crop).

Until Next Friday