The Future of Piction

The Future of Piction

Last December we introduced our app Piction into the world.

October 17, 2013

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It was by no means the way to add text to images with a wide variety of fonts. But after experimenting with dozens of other similar apps Piction stands out in particular because it does one thing really well, quite efficiently. And because of that it hasn’t changed much.

But if you were an early user you probably noticed, and hopefully appreciated, the updates that have rolled out. Adding new fonts to the app (disappointing some people by removing certain fonts) was a given, but introducing text layers and text opacity were huge milestones that allowed for more creativity without bloating the app. The feedback we received was wonderful and a good indicator of only implementing what was necessary.

From day one I’ve approached Piction with intentional constraints for the sake of simplicity. And although I believe there is a defined stopping point with our app, we’re not done.

Testing the latest and greatest. The best Pictions are crafted outside.

Testing the latest and greatest. The best Pictions are crafted outside.

So what’s next? A lot, but little by little. We’ve just about wrapped up a text rotation feature that has been a lot of fun to experiment with. That will roll out first, with some new font additions. As always, we’re open to suggestions for fonts, just tweet at us.

After that? We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and bring Piction to Android! It has been disappointing for us from the very beginning that this app is for iOS only. It will take some time but it will be worth the effort.

Other ideas we’ve been kicking around:

  • Integrating the Pictagram feed into the app
  • Native aspect ratios for photos (rather than square only)
  • Piction on video

We have to-do lists and sticky notes (both the virtual and physical kind) and wireframes galore, so it is just a matter of time until each one of these is tackled head on. I’m excited about it both from the creative process side, and the end user side. So iPhone users, go check out Piction and get ready for new updates.