The bigger, better Friday.

It’s Friday! Ditch work early with the Happy Hour Virus (check it out below). Or sit at your desk and read through our list of fun links. Your choice.

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Friday Fun


November 15, 2013

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… or do what we did yesterday and watch each other work, because is the most awesome video chat interface ever:

Check out the aforementioned Happy Hour Virus, a recruiting effort from TDA_Boulder encouraging workaday types to fake a computer catastrophe and leave work early. (don’t worry, safe link).

Coin lets you slim down (or eliminate!) your wallet. Awesome!

Ithaca Restaurant Week is coming up! Be sure to check out the restaurant week specials at some of our neighbors on the West End, including Saigon Kitchen and Maxie’s.

Smithsonian’s going 3D – It’s time for us to get a 3D printer. (works best in Firefox)

A Lorde vs Radiohead mashup that we’re into:


We’re already dreaming of summer… long-exposure fireflies.

This mini browser sits in your menubar.

Cards Against Humanity is killing it, and getting all of Tyler’s money. Good thing he can’t play by himself:  holiday bullshit and the bigger blacker box.

Why does HTML think ‘chucknorris’ is a color? Or, even better, what’s my color? 

That’s all folks. Stay warm this weekend!