Something wicked(ly awesome) comes this way

Something wicked(ly awesome) comes this way

October has been a month of tricks, treats, and travel for the AWP team

November 2, 2015

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What a treat!

We are delighted and honored to have earned TWO Davey Awards for our work with Finger Lakes Land Trust! This year, AWP took home a Gold award for Visual Appeal of a Website and a Silver award for the Green/Eco-Friendly category. You can read more about this exciting win and some background on the Davey Awards, or check out our work on the Finger Lakes Land Trust website here.

Some tricks up our sleeve…

·  We love apples so much that we sent Christopher and James to the Big one to join Spider Holster at the PhotoPlus Expo. They filmed a top-secret video for a new Spider camera accessory coming soon to a virtual shopping cart near you!

·  Looking for something to add to your reading list? We’re giving the Family Reading Partnership website is a fresh new look this month.

·  Cornell’s Computing & Information Science is the kid with the many costumes. We’ve loved the evolution of the CIS brand, and now we’re revising its look to comply with updated CU brand guidelines.  We’ve also set out to change up the style guide and create a standard for its children departments brands, which we are working on integrating into the website.

·  If the tunes on the radio really aren’t your forte, check out local musician and cellist Hank Roberts. We’ve given him an updated website that looks as sweet as his music sounds.

·  Speaking of sweet, the Northeast Pollinator Partnership has their first blog post up detailing their cause and research, and now you can sign up for their newsletter to stay up-to-date on what’s keeping them bzzy. For you apple-growers and citizen scientists, we’re nearly finished making a mobile application that will help with the data collection process.


Keeping Up With the Froggies…

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Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

#TBT. Dress upTwice. Honest mothers and drunk children.

Gimme the deets…

Bryan played ‘Tom & Jerry’ with a squirrel. Christopher zeroed his personal inbox (no small task). Gennie took home 2nd place in kickball. Nina participated in and raised $500 for Tompkins County SPCA March for Animals. Megan broke her glasses. Oh, and NBD, but James got engaged!!!