Music, Movies, and More

Music, Movies, and More

Here’s what has been keeping us warm this week.

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October 11, 2013

Facebook Tweet

A beautiful description of the Higgs boson. 

Our whiteboard table doesn’t even compare to FoxNews’ new desks…

Ikea or death

Furniture or black metal? Ikea or Death. 

“For relationships to evolve, there must be mutual disclosure and trust.” A long but valuable post about courtesy in email marketing and web design.

Disclaimer: rough language. Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig reviews the new Drake album. A favorite snippet:

I gotta be honest — I didn’t listen to the whole thing. Obviously, it’s good. You think a Canadian child actor would be this successful as a rapper if he wasn’t good?

We can’t wait to see the film Disney doesn’t want us to see.

A new music video from Cut Copy featuring our favorite Nordic actor, Alexander Skarsgard:

Also, we’re digging a new camera around the office, the Canon 6D. We’ve posted a few portraits to our Flickr page.

Finally, Carrie in a Coffee Shop.