Jif gif and other nutty links

Jif gif and other nutty links

This week we ate a lot of pie and shared a lot of links and watched Ghostbusters.

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Friday Fun


November 1, 2013

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We did work too, but the extra sugar in the office seemed to be a direct cause of an increase in things shared for Friday Fun Links.

I know we’re a day late, but in the Halloween spirit, let’s kick this off with a creepy baby chasing you down a hallway.

A testament to the power of content on the web in addition to design.

Forget dog-shaming, fish and iphones are meme-worthy too.

LOCAL: Falls-copter! Don’t miss the summer flight too!

Macklemore reflects on his inaugural album’s 1-year anniversary.

Don’t forget to breathe: why your brain needs more downtime from Scientific American.

Hulk Hosting Hogan.

We require one whiskey-related post a week… check out this maple cask rye made in NY!

Virgin America gave their in-flight safety video a new song-and-dance.

And saving the best for last: To celebrate GIFPOP!, someone’s super-awesome idea to take gifs off the screen and into real life, I present to you: Bryan’s first gif.