January Jammin’

January Jammin’

We had a wonderfully eventful January. There was pie.

February 10, 2016

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We’ve launched the website for our pals, Draftnauts, who have been pouring more profit around Ithaca as the guys who install, analyze and service wine and beer tap systems. This is a project very near & dear to our hearts. We first met Draftnauts when they were a small startup and helped build and develop their brand identity along with their website. Now you can learn more about the guys behind some of Ithaca’s favorite watering holes and read more about the design process that went into the Draftnauts brand in our case study.

So far, so good

Buzz the Cheerios bee was booked, but we managed to film two fantastic interviews with apple pollination experts for the Northeast Pollinator Partnership. They aren’t posted on the site just yet, but hang on to your popcorn and consider signing up for their newsletter so you can get project news and updates sent straight to your inbox.

Cornell’s Computing & Information Sciences got some ‘wax on, wax off’ action with some design polishing and development.

Corning Community College is looking fresh with an updated homepage with a new streamlined layout. We’ve refreshed the design on the inner pages across the site to reflect the organization’s new communications and marketing strategy. If you’re looking to see our impact offline, check out the newly-implemented digital signage around CCC’s 5 campuses. AWP designed and developed custom web-based templates for the digital signs which allow easy content management and instant communication to the student body.

Miller Mayer‘s multilingual site serves audiences around the world. Now that site is responsive and serving all phones, tablets and desktops. Enjoy!

Just around the riverbend…

We look forward to consulting with Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard on establishing a more marketable web presence.

All the fun of legos without the pain of stepping on them

Bryan leveled the bar in our studio, which means we’ll have a real-life surface on which to put our nitrogen-infused coffee soon! (The bar will also feature some cool frog art. Hint: there’s a bit of a preview in this post’s cover photo)

In the digital sphere, James built a UI prototype design/dev tool for faster interactive prototyping in the future.

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Fun to hang on the fridge

Art Deco, HoroscopesMetaphotos.

How’s the Scooby Gang?

Bryan went Extreme Home Makeover on his kitchen. Nina found signs of life in Death Valley. James gets no say in the dress but said ‘yes’ to his wedding food. Christopher found an anger translator in time for pre-school open house season. Gennie did her Taxes. Megan was reminded that she needs to do her taxes.