Introducing Instawide

Introducing Instawide

Square video on Instagram? No thank you. Our new iPhone app letterboxes existing footage to preserve the original aspect ratio.

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February 13, 2014

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Technically the video is still square, but your footage won’t be cropped.

Instagram is great. It’s a social network we love. But, if your content isn’t a 1:1 aspect ratio, Instagram will crop it that way. Just like Piction we aimed to create an app that does only one thing, but does it really well. There are plenty of apps that allow you to keep your photos tall/wide for Instagram (by putting them in a square) but only a handful of apps with that functionality for video. And the existing ones are tricky to use, or try to do too much.


That’s where Instawide is perfect. Above you’ll see every screen/option in the app (which itself is under 2mb). Just imagine those colorful squares as video. Pick your video, filter it (or not), mute it (or not), change the letterbox color (black or white) and you’re done. We have a one-time pop-up in the app that reminds users how Instagram currently does not allow apps to send video to it, so your finished video saves to your library for use when you’re ready.

We’ve been using it for a few weeks on Instagram and love it. Check out some of our posts made (iPhone footage, filtered in our app):

We’ll let you know a roadmap when we’re ready to share it, but don’t expect us to bloat Instawide with features. We’re keeping it simple, keeping it small.

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