Our 2013 summer intern team produced a versatile visual identity system and responsive web presence for Ithaca Community Harvest, strengthening our interns’ own professional experience while building healthy food opportunities in our community. Win-win.


The Project

We worked with our intern team to select a not-for-profit client from a pool of over 40 applicants. We were particularly interested in non-profit organizations fostering positive change in their community with a specific project goal, but that lacked the funding to produce the project. ICH provides opportunities for the greater Ithaca community to access locally grown organic produce, both in schools and at home, and we were proud to select them as our intern team’s pro-bono ‘client’.

A flexible identity

The intern team designed a brand system that reflects ICH’s core values with colors and an aesthetic that are both accessible and friendly. ICH is able to use the visual identity in print materials as well as digital works to convey their brand.

The brand is flexible, allowing for specific elements of the logo to exist on their own. A partner program, for instance, can use an icon from the ICH logo to accompany the program title to represent one facet of the Ithaca Community Harvest mission.

Mobile is a priority

All users are created equal. We made sure that the site would work on devices of all sizes with a simple, flexible layout.


A more accessible site

AWP’s interns produced a site that helps users get to the information they need. Not just a facelift for their current site, the new site went through a total overhaul of structure and content. The intern team identified ICH’s three primary audiences and created a solution tailored to each group’s goals:

low-income or food insecure families seeking access to local, healthy foods
community members looking to volunteer and donate food
visitors unaware of ICH and their programs

The intern team created a site that provides direction and clarity for all of these groups, and also built a map of all of the opportunities ICH offers to the community, allowing people to find the opportunities that cater to them. Whether they’re looking to volunteer or get food, they can find opportunities that align with their goals and work with their schedule.

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Guidelines for interacting with users

ICH also received direction on how to handle their brand messaging. How do they answer questions? How do they interact with users on social media? AWP’s interns gave them the tools and reference they needed to successfully convey their messages to the public.


The AWP Internship Experience provided Ithaca Community Harvest with the tools to refresh their brand and help new users get food, get involved, and learn about the organization, while building real-world experience for our college intern team.