Flashmob marriage proposal on the Ithaca Commons

It’s not often that you get to witness an event like this…

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May 3, 2011

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Our friend Ryan tipped us off that he was planning a top-secret surprise public marriage proposal to his sweetie Susan.

The plan went like this:

On May 1st you will want to arrive on the commons around 12:00pm or 12:15pm. When you first arrive on the commons you will be playing the role of a commons window shopper. Around 12:20pm everyone involved in my proposal plan will begin making their way to the center of the commons (in front of the Bernie Milton Pavilion.) Susan and I will already be in the center of the commons and the crowd will begin forming a complete circle around us. You’ll be able to identify me because I’ll be wearing a bright blue marching band jacket, a hat, and bells around my ankles. At 12:30pm my brother will sound an air horn notifying the crowd to get ready for the big moment. After the air horn sounds everyone will count to three while I’m kneeling to the ground. After everyone reaches three and I’m on the ground, the entire crowd, including me, will say, “Susan will you marry me!”

After we all propose, and Susan says yes, the crowd will disperse as if nothing happened. It is going to be an amazing day, one we will all remember for a lifetime.

Ryan asked us to record the event on our webcam, and we assembled this time-lapse footage for him (…our webcam records 1 frame every 15 seconds).

Spoiler — she said yes!