So what exactly does AWP do?

AWP’s CEO, Christopher DelCollo, answers your most commonly asked questions.

November 17, 2013

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What do you do?

AWP is a brand communication and design company founded in 2003. Our expertise lies in creating impact for our clients. We consider “impact” both from the perspective of engaging our client target audiences, and as a measure of the success that our clients are able to achieve from working with us to build their brand value.

To create impact, we produce responsive websites, mobile apps, videos and motion graphics, photography, content and messaging, print materials, package design, you get the picture! We employ a holistic brand-centric process to produce work that is as beautiful, innovative, and engaging as it is functional and effective.

We are not a traditional marketing company, a traditional advertising agency, or a traditional production design shop: we’re more of a modern and unique combination of all three. Our focus is on the Brand, making sure it is communicating as effectively as possible. We’re not into heavy market research, directing ad buys, or pushing pixels. We keep our process light, focused, productive and iterative. We’re happy to manage our client brands by working in coordination with their existing marketing, PR or ad agencies.

We’re very good at identifying opportunities where our expertise can create impact for our clients, and we’re selective about the clients we work with.

What’s your process?

With each new client, we start by evaluating their brand(s) from the ground-up. If we’re creating a new brand for a client, we start by discussing their brand aspirations. If we’re working with an existing brand, we gain an understanding of it’s current strengths and weaknesses. We’re active listeners and we know the right questions to ask to keep the conversation moving in productive directions.

Equally as important as brand evaluation is understanding our client’s short-term and long-term goals so that we can produce messaging and content that supports these goals.

We call this initial process of evaluation Brand Articulation. See figure 1 below for how this step fits in to our overall process.

AWP-BrandCommunication-smallFigure 1 – how AWP creates IMPACT for clients.

Next, we develop a goal-oriented visual identity system to maximize the potential of your brand, along with a messaging strategy that facilitates positive, healthy, and honest communication between your brand and its target audiences.

Then, building upon the foundations of your visual identity and messaging systems, we produce and deliver the pieces that connect your strengthened brand to your target audience (a website and a video, an app, brochure, photography and copywriting, etc). All these pieces come together through awesome interactive design to foster a positive feedback loop between your brand and your audience. That’s impact.

But we’re not finished…. Effective communication isn’t a once-and-done thing. We’ll continue to work together to evaluate impact and anticipate change, refining and adapting to maintain your brand’s full potential, ultimately keeping your audience satisfied and engaged. We call this iterative process the Brand Management Cycle.

How much does it cost?

Our cost model is entirely dependent on our clients’ brand aspirations. We engage with some clients on a per-campaign basis, and for others we work on an annual retainer.

We love working with small businesses and organizations just as much as we love working with larger brands.

We’re flexible when it comes to cost, and our ultimate goal is for our clients to feel the success we can help them achieve and scale our engagement as our clients’ businesses grow as a result of our work together.

Who have you worked with?

Our client list includes: Corning Museum of Glass, Cornell University, Planned Parenthood, SUNY Corning, Ithaca College, Spider Camera Holster, Energy In Common, NRDC, WOCAN, Tompkins County Airport, The Revson Foundation, The News Literacy Project, and more local and national businesses and not-for-profits.

Together with our clients we have created impact by:

Feel free to contact us for a complete client list. (We’ve worked with a large number of clients over the past 10 years and we’re proud of all the work we’ve done, we just don’t want to bore you with a long list of names here!)

Considering working with us?

Here are 7 (good) reasons why you should hire AWP. Want to learn more?

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And yes, as the photo at the head of this post indicates, we have been known to enjoy the occasional single malt scotch. Because candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.