Fancy Friday Fun Links

Fancy Friday Fun Links

It’s the first real week of November and we couldn’t be fancier.

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Friday Fun


November 8, 2013

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The excerpt refers to our Fancy Friday photoshoot. Keep our extremely dignified appearance in your mind as you peruse these fun links. (Pay no attention to the Cards Against Humanity)


Icons that are so clean and so responsive. Roll-over and click to your heart’s content.

Heroku, you are so lovely. (Love that magnifying glass)

Size calculator aims to fix text-sizing issue on the end of the user, quite impressively actually.

Be careful or you will literally lose hours to these Koalas. (A special thank you to The Useless Web)

Represent your pronunciations and vote on these six techno-terms.

MEGA-THRUSTERS ARE A GO. Tyler really wants this hoodie. Maybe we’ll Kickstart it for him…

Have a great weekend.