Creative meetup, fall colors, and whiskey

This is what has kept our creative fires burning since last Friday.

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October 18, 2013

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Coming up: Refreshing creative culture. Friday, October 25 in Binghamton.

Morning person? check. Lots of walks? check. Strategic substance abuse? errrrrmm…. well, no Benzadrine but tons of coffee! Check out this article from The Guardian about the daily routines of history’s most creative minds.

The leaves are falling, and sooner than we’d like, the trees will be bare. But we can always look back at our friend and local photographer Adam Baker’s photos and remember how absolutely beautiful this season is! See his work on Flickr.

magic hour

An exciting cast for the new Wes Anderson film, Grand Budapest Hotel.

Brilliant and subversive art as performance art jiu jitsu commentary on arbitrary relationship between value and art in a market economy. OR: Banksy blows it. (not really though)

Ghost, a new blogging platform. We haven’t tried it out yet but that’s one hot dashboard.

We have no words…

Multiplayer piano. Mind blown again.

Every other Friday is ‘Good Food Friday’. We all order from our friends and neighbors at Ithaca to Go, then chat and nom around the AWP bar. Well, we found an idea for the ‘other’ Friday… on Friday, drink whisk(e)y.

That’s all folks! Have an excellent weekend.