Cornell Websites for Scientific and Community Leaders

Cornell Websites for Scientific and Community Leaders

Cornell programs set international standards for research and collaboration – now with websites to match!

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February 2, 2014

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The Cornell Nanobiotechnology Center

The emerging field of nanobiotechnology – the intersection of nanotechnology and biology – plays a powerful role in advances in medicine and scientific study. The Cornell Nanobiotechnology Center (NBTC) manages shared research facilities that serve researchers from many disciplines, both at Cornell and around the world. The NBTC supports interdisciplinary projects by providing specialized equipment, a wealth of knowledge, and hands-on training in scientific techniques. The NBTC leadership reached out to AWP to create an updated identity and website that would convey their status as a premier research facility while serving as an information hub for their core users – scientists from many disparate fields.

AWP updated the NBTC logo and gave the new site (see image above) a polished look and efficient structure that allows researchers to quickly learn about every aspect of the NBTC, from their impressive selection of custom equipment to their 24-hour lab availability, from the comfort of their own offices, wherever those offices may be!

Cornell Engaged Learning and Research

As a land-grant university, Cornell has a strong mandate for community involvement. Cornell Engaged Learning and Research (ELR) is a university-wide program that embodies Cornell’s commitment to engagement in all aspects of education.

Cornell ELR Homepage

The new Cornell ELR homepage. Click to scroll all the way down!

Vivid colors and blocky shapes convey the bold spirit of the Engaged Learning and Research program. The site employs banded layers of information to quickly and cleanly direct viewers to key aspects of the ELR message with a simple scrolldown. Coupled with a top navigation that floats down the page as you scroll, visitors can explore the ELR site in a jiffy! Visit it now to see for yourself.