From lifestyle shoots to weddings to safaris, the Spider Camera Holster is the perfectly evolved shoot-from-the-hip tool for photographers on the run. AWP’s active brand management has helped Spider change the way photographers carry their cameras the world over.


The concept

The founder of Spider initially came to AWP for a site to match his new concept for a versatile device. We saw the chance to build Spider’s reputation as the best camera-carry solution and increase its confidence as an emerging brand.

Step one was articulating the spanking new brand, understanding Spider’s mission, communication goals, and long term aspirations. This allowed us to approach the task of creating a logo for the company that would help Spider thrive.

Next up? Getting the Spider Holster out in front of its target audience before it was in production to generate media buzz in the right places and prime the pump with its core target customer base.

We used our messaging strategy to create a promo video, a single page site, and a postcard to generate traffic and crowd-source our next move. The response was immediate. Over 2,000 viewers subscribed to the email newsletter to stay updated on the release of the Spider Holster. The video received over 5,000 views in its first month.

Along the way, AWP gathered feedback, saving Spider big on product prototyping. When the audience told us they were worried about camera theft, Spider made safety a priority integrating a quick-release locking system in its first production cycle.

And AWP integrated safety into the core messaging for the product, making camera security one of the Spider Holster’s competitive advantages. That’s rapid-response brand articulation.

The products are innovative and our designs evolve accordingly, empowering Spider to stand out in a competitive industry.

The products are innovative and our designs evolve accordingly, empowering Spider to stand out in a competitive industry.


The product

The Spider Holster is all about agility, speeding up workflow, and reducing stress on the photographer. The same rules apply for their e-commerce site. It’s only the next frontier. AWP delivered a sleek set of packaging designs and promotional materials, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

To say the Spider Holster has been a hit is an understatement. Once it hit the market, it was picked up by B&H, Adorama, and international retailers. It received monster reviews from the likes of Gizmodo, Engadget and other high-profile sites. It also became a conversation starter on the hips of some of the biggest photographers working in the industry.

Spider is now the go-to brand for carrying cameras in the field, drawing and shooting six-gun style. That’s fast.

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The revolution

On the strength of its brand, Spider has expanded into new markets, partnering with sister company Spider Asia. AWP is expanding the e-commerce site to make room, and is constantly creating new packaging design and point of sale displays for the range of new products. As the brand grows, so do the marketing efforts needed to keep up; in 2013 we started managing social media and email campaigns, which drove the number of holiday sales up from 2012 by 143%. Now that’s impact.

spider-biggerfeatured Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 3.16.01 PM

Spider is attending more trade shows per year, has increased sales, and is rapidly moving forward with new product concepts to meet the market’s demand for innovation.  We’re excited to be right by Spider‘s side as they revolutionize the camera holster, again and again.