AWP’s ongoing partnership with Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes has shown that intelligent, energized work is our specialty. Our mission: to create a sustainable brand identity and toolkit featuring iOS apps, annual reports, video, websites, multi-media, and more.


Out For Health

Planned Parenthood’s LGBT Health & Wellness Project, Out for Health, provides outreach, education, and information to the LGBT community and their healthcare providers about the importance of inclusive, welcoming, and respectful care.

We anchored the brand around a simple yet striking, vibrant logo, emphasizing flexibility and strength. We designed Out for Health from the ground up: logo, brand kit, website, rack cards, posters, pens, hats, and sticky-pads… beautiful takeaways with the equality logo piled up.

Health professionals have now logged over 1000 hours of online self-directed training on the Out For Health website. By establishing a cohesive marketing campaign for web and print, PPSFL was able to secure contracts with the New York State and Michigan Departments of Health to expand the reach of the program across the state and increase the longevity of its resources. The success has led to more grant funding for sub-projects including Pee in Peace and Project CAP. Have brand, will travel.


“It really is an absolute pleasure working with all of the AWP crew – you’re skilled, smart, witty and you get it…that big abstract ‘it’ that’s so important and not always easy to find!”

-Maureen Kelly, PPSFL

Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC)

SARC is the only rape crisis program serving Chemung, Schuyler, and Steuben counties, providing free and confidential services that include a 24-hour hotline and medical advocacy, legal advocacy, and counseling.

For SARC, our Brand Articulation process explored the nuanced needs of target audience groups, which resulted in the development of a brand foundation system that focuses on enabling action rather than giving in to victimization. We created a website with visual impact that is bold, bright, and ambitious. And while it was crafted to raise the alarm, comfort and wisdom are at its core. Active statistics and a Quick-Exit feature display SARC’s pride in the services they offer while allowing their visitors the privacy and security they need.

With AWP’s help, PPSFL is raising the standard of  support and standing side-by-side as fellow activists, allies, and practitioners committed to health, wellness, and social change.

The website is bold, bright and beautiful.  It was crafted with alarm in mind, but comfort and knowledge at the core.

The website is bold, bright and beautiful. And while it was crafted to raise the alarm, comfort and knowledge are at its core.


Pee In Peace

A project born from the success of Out for Health, the Webby Award-winning Pee in Peace app is an interactive map especially designed to help the transgender and gender non-conforming community easily locate single-stall or gender-neutral bathrooms. No more holding back.

From the logo and promotional posters, down to the geo-locating iPhone app, Pee in Peace promotes safe and accepting environments that extend beyond the LGBT and gender non-conforming communities to caregivers for people of a different sex, or anyone who just prefers a little privacy.

Moving forward, we’re committed to helping Planned Parenthood raise awareness, amp up the momentum, and put the LGBT community on the map. Pee is Peace is helping to open doors for the LBGT community by expanding Pee in Peace to new locations nationwide. Join in.

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Our goal has been to build distinctive brands for Planned Parenthood that promote empowering, flexible, visible, and effective communication. Mission accomplished. Onward!