Good to Go is a natural foods shop helping to build a stronger and more sustainable local community. We helped them cook up a tasty brand from scratch.


A brand recipe for print, web, and display

Two local entrepreneurs came to AWP with an idea to bring neighboring distributors and friends together to get the best baked goods and food products to market. Good to Go was ready to refuel the locavore economy and deliver affordable eating to downtown Trumansburg. AWP was delighted to pitch in.

Good to Go prides itself on sustainability, freshness, and community. AWP created a brand that would be welcoming and fresh. We brought a snazzy look to a draft logo they brought to us and created a unique and compelling visual identity for the website that could be applied to storefront signage, print pieces and other collateral.

AWP helped bring the site back to the small-batch experience at Good to Go's core.

Bringing the small-batch experience to the core of Good to Go’s identity.


Online in the produce aisle

AWP designed a site that delivers not just the Good to Go basics, the hours and how to get there, but what’s in season and in-store. And whether you’re sensitive to gluten or dairy, a vegetarian, vegan, or need to cut down on the sugar, we emphasized the options.

From this week’s muffins to the soup de jour, the Good to Go site makes it all about the community, featuring daily specials and deals as well as the recipes, news, and event listings to get the visitor excited about eating local. There’s no brand quite like home.

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Delicious from start to finish: we’re proud to be home grown with Good to Go!