From the research laboratories, major department sites, to the campus art museum, we’ve worked with Cornell University to make Big Red even bolder. In our designs, we’re breaking the mold, injecting a much-needed dose of personality, and sharpening the message.


Information Science

Information science studies how we behave around technology and analyzes the shift to a more collaborative, networked and information-packed world. Information Science  wanted a website that could reflect the cutting-edge work being done by the department by bringing together disciplines and resources in new ways.

We rebooted the InfoSci website to make it an extraordinary example of the  technology systems the department is exploring. It spotlights the research, people, and happenings that make the InfoSci department at Cornell a leader among its global, forward-thinking peers.

InfoSci has gone from an interdisciplinary study to a full-fledged department, and still has a lot to prove. And AWP has helped establish a high-impact brand for the department that will help them succeed in their mission. It’s a real break-through.

infoscibanner cuic-bug

Insect Collection

The Cornell University Insect Collection pays close attention to the little things in life, and so does AWP. From their enormous bee database to the over 7 million creepy crawlers in their collection, we teamed up to show off just how important a resource the CUIC is to the Cornell campus, residents of New York State, and the scientific community. They field hundreds of requests for samples through their website every year from all over the world.

AWP designed a playful logo for the brand and a website that communicates the depth and vibrancy of the insect collection in a manner that is intuitive and engaging. We present visitors with a window into the information and curiosities that await them, including a custom collection search and image library tools to give the community greater access to the resources CUIC has to offer.

cuicbanner cornell-statcircle


The Department of Statistical Science came to us looking for a way to connect the dots within its world-class program, bringing together faculty, students, and alumni. Armed with AWP’s brand communication strategy, we liked their odds.

We created an elegant and well-organized site, which stands out from the Cornell brand while maintaining its core look and authority. The Statistics site proudly demonstrates the exciting and dynamic possibilities available in the department, for prospective students and their families, current students, faculty, and peer departments at other institutions.

Statistics combines a warm, bold  aesthetic with an extremely usable interface.

Statistics combines a warm, bold  aesthetic with an extremely usable interface.



Johnson Museum of Art

With an archive that stretches from the stone age to modern times, the Johnson Museum at Cornell is recognized as one of the most important university museums in the country with over 35,000 works in its collections. But how do you keep such a eclectic and vast collection unified online? Let AWP curate.

We work on the ongoing creation of web materials for the Johnson, including their website with comprehensive collections browsers, news & events listings, and information for all types of visitors. We also bring art off the wall with interactive in-museum kiosk experiences and responsive mobile apps. AWP not only makes navigating thousands of years of art history a breeze, it brings the images to life.

In-museum kiosk experiences and responsive mobile apps take the museum's online presence a step above.

In-museum kiosk experiences and responsive mobile apps take the museum’s online presence a step above.

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From insects to statistics to art, we support the academic community at Cornell through strong and effective design.