Brand Articulation: Why?

Understanding the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ allows us to produce the most impactful, targeted solutions.

May 2, 2014

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AWP works closely with our clients to create holistic brands that push boundaries. In the latter phases of our established client relationships you can find us reimagining user experience, producing interactive multimedia content, or creating dynamic development solutions.

First though, we diagnose. To build these products effectively we need to thoroughly understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. Think of it this way: your doctor wouldn’t prescribe something before understanding why you’re hurting. We use our Brand Articulation phase as an in-depth diagnosis – to define target audiences, communication goals, risks, and aspirations first, so we can produce the most impactful, targeted solutions. But we always start by asking ‘Why’.

  • You need a new website? Why? What’s driving this change?
  • Your web traffic is down? Why? When did you start to notice? Are there other symptoms?
  • You need a mobile app? Why? Is this request part of a bigger, strategic initiative? Are there bigger brand implications?
  • You need a new logo? Why? What are the implications of change? How will this impact other areas of your company?
  • Your customers aren’t loyal to your brand? Why? What’s wrong with how you’re communicating now?

These all boil down to:

What change are you trying to make? Why?

If you can answer this question about yourself and your organization and trust us to deliver the right solution, we’re ready to work together. Our best client relationships are those in which our client views us as a partner, respecting our expertise as communicators while we respect their expertise in their field.