Best of So Far Summer 2015

Best of So Far Summer 2015

Our summer has been more action-packed than a Liam Neeson film.

July 31, 2015

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It’s been an exciting summer so far for us here at AWP, with lots fresh faces, neat projects, and a new studio location! Behold our first monthly Highlights Reel!


We have a new studio with new faces in it! In May we moved into 120 E. State St. (above Benjamin Peters in the Commons) and have been hard at work fixing it up in a way that would make your Pinterest DIY board proud. The space was previously a massage studio with serene lavender walls, sectioned rooms, and carpet. So far we’ve ripped down the extra walls, decked out the studio in our signature orange, and laid down half of the hardwood flooring. James got started on a chalk wall for that extra-special touch, and Bryan created a sweet 3D blueprint of our future kitchen. You can catch some cool time lapse videos of our progress by following us on Facebook!

Additionally, we welcomed two new team members this month who are almost the same person, but not really: Gennie Harris and Megan Harrison.

Gennie is our newest Developer and hails from Ovid, NY. She graduated from Ithaca College in 2013 with a degree in Communication Management & Design and accompanying minor in Web Development. Before joining us at AWP, Gennie spent two years at Singlebrook Technologies, specializing in front-end programming and UI design. When Gennie isn’t making websites, you will most likely find her at a live concert in town, swimming in a gorge, or serenading her two cats with harmonic flute-playing.

Megan is our Production Facilitator. She meandered her way on over to The Coldest Place on Earth from sunny Los Angeles, CA to attend Ithaca College, where she recently graduated with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Megan’s previous work experience includes a mashup of social media planning, event coordination, and advertising (she geeked for a summer as an Ogilvy & Mather intern). She feels passionately about alpacas, frozen yogurt, and yoga. You can usually find her outside or indoors.


· Extra! Extra! We’ve updated the messaging for a campaign promoting PMD Pro Project Management Certification & Training. Read all about it here.

· Where’s Waldo? We spent quite a bit of time this month fixing up the Johnson Museum website. Can’t spot the difference? All of our work was on the backend, so you probably won’t notice much has changed when you visit. We pinky-promise swear we were there.

· Our summer intern team delivered a sweet brand package to the Youth Farm Project, containing a new logo mark and identity system. They are working on a new website for YFP project as we speak (er, type).

(Left: Old YFP Logo, Right: New YFP logo designed by AWP interns)

In Progress:

· Almost ready to launch a new website for our downtown neighbors, Concept Systems Inc.

· We’re stepping in to help our regional public radio station, WSKG, finish up their new website.

· We’re working on a promo video for Spider Holster highlighting four top Spider Ambassadors and the benefits they’ve found in using Spider equipment.

· James started developing an identity system for local startup, Draftnauts. Here’s a sneak peek, stay tuned for more!



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Pie day, power outages, Hopper


James got a puppy, Christopher has been eternally unpacking, Bryan considered winning a Pulitzer Prize, Nina brb’ed to Italy (Chiavenna, to be precise), Megan discovered Srunch (sushi brunch), and Gennie shaved half her head.