7 (good) reasons why you should hire AWP

Just a few things worth pointing out.

November 12, 2013

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We are expert communicators

We have an innate ability learn about our clients, see where their communications and visual presentation are lacking, and fix it. We won’t engage with a client where we can’t see a clear path to success.

We use the right tools for the job

We won’t shoehorn our clients into a CMS that’s not right for them. We know if a video or photo is the right way to tell a story. We know when user test and audience/ stakeholder surveys are necessary. We know when a one-page website is all you need and why.

We set goals and iterate

We don’t waste our client’s time and money producing bloated products. We identify needs, set goals, produce solutions, measure success and repeat- gaining momentum and impact with each iteration.

We are social savvy

Social networking should be part of every brand’s path to success. We advise our clients on how to successfully engage at a practical level that meets their goals.

We are producers

We live to create. When we’re not creating for our clients, we create for ourselves. Piction and IthacaQuiz are great examples of this.

We love our jobs

We’re passionate about what we do and it shows in our work. Work is fun for us because we all believe in what we’re doing.

We care about our clients

We want to see our clients succeed. Not only does it feel good to have a hand in our client’s successes, but it motivates us to work harder on their behalf. That’s why we carefully vet each potential client to make sure they are a good fit for a lasting relationship with us. When we go, we go all in.

Bonus reason: We’re fun!

Putting all modesty aside for a moment, we’re a pretty fun group of people to work with. Our positive attitudes are infectious. And we have kayaks and a great company bar.

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