2014 Call to Not-For-Profits

We’re seeking applications from innovative not-for-profits making a positive impact in their community for our summer intern project!

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May 5, 2014

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AWP has a long-standing commitment to extending the reach of innovative NFP organizations in our community. Together with our clients we have empowered women around the world, made our city a safer place for non-gender-conforming citizens, empowered the energy impoverished, made cancer less scary, promoted renewable energy, protected our local watershed, and catalyzed social change, just for starters. The 2013 summer intern team worked with Ithaca Community Harvest to produce a versatile visual identity system and responsive website, strengthening their own professional experience while supporting healthy food opportunities in our community.

 Check out the 2013 Summer Intern Project case study →

Nicole, Kelsey, and Dan, our summer 2013 team. Stay tuned to meet the 2014 team!

Nicole, Kelsey, and Dan, our summer 2013 team. Stay tuned to meet the 2014 interns!

This summer, we’ve selected a team of interns from a very impressive pool of applicants and are guiding them through our process. The team will lead the client through Brand Articulation, identifying target audiences, communication goals, risks, and aspirations.

Once our team thoroughly understands the client’s goals and challenges, we’ll all work together to identify the best opportunity for production that is the right match for your organization and for our team’s talents. Maybe it’s a new, beautiful logo and visual identity system. Or a comprehensive brand guide. Maybe its an engaging, responsive website. Or a stunning awareness campaign. Whatever comes out of the project, it will be innovative, effective, and extend the reach of your organization’s communication strategy, building and strengthening bonds with your target audience.

This year, we’re looking for NFPs who understand that they’ll benefit from our shop’s expertise and the value of a holistic solution. We have an innate ability learn about our clients, see where their communications and visual presentation are lacking, and fix it, and we’re passionate about sharing this process and guiding our interns to provide the same value.

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Deadline: Send us your idea(s) by May 25, 2014. We will select a winning project by June 1, to be completed by August 15.