Ostrich Sans Updates

Ostrich Sans Updates

One new style and a much improved existing style.

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January 28, 2014

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Our shop is all about open source stuff. We try to make Drupal better, contribute Lightroom presets, and now get to spend some time tweaking Ostrich Sans.

The new style is a thicker, rounder version of OS that we’re calling Heavy.  It has more language support than ever and is all caps much like the rest of OS. Medium is the original style, but with fixed characters (that “y” especially), kerning adjustments, etc.


We’ve updated the Github repository but if you’re looking for a convenient download of only the new stuff here, we’ve got your download link below.

medium-update sample-heavy-update

There are some things I’m still working on (additional kerning, more international support) but it’s good to go for a lot of purposes. The download link below includes webfont kits as well and licensing info (OFL…more on that from The League of Moveable Type where this all started). But in a nutshell: pretty much the only thing you can’t do with this font is sell it. Enjoy.

Download Ostrich Sans Medium & Heavy