Case Study: Finger Lakes Land Trust

Case Study: Finger Lakes Land Trust

Website Design

October 30, 2015

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Brand Articulation introduced us to the Finger Lakes Land Trust brand and its aspirations for the present and future. In addition to a Brand Articulation summary, we developed and delivered a road map outlining goals and production phases to define a clear path forward.

Production Cycle 1 — Brand Articulation, Style Tile, Website/Map Design
Production Cycle 2 — Website Development, Map Development, Handoff



The incredible community base the Finger Lakes Land Trust has provided us with beautiful photography assets from all over the 17,000+ acres of protected land. Below is a small sample of community donated images.



Style Tile Elements

After brand articulation, the project continued with style tile explorations. We knew we already had beautiful photographs to work with. Now we needed a kit of parts to begin the framework of the site.



FLLT is chock-full of data. Together we narrowed down the most impressive statistics about them and created mini-infographics. They appear on almost every page as a pre-footer element—keeping viewers enticed with interactive elements for continued engagement throughout the site.



Avenir paired with Adobe Garamond combines the best qualities of a geometric sans serif with classic french oldstyle typography. Together they form a modern pair for the FLLT brand.


Responsive Website Design /



Design is a team sport. We couldn’t have created an award winning website without the phenomenal collaboration between AWP, Jeff Katris, and FLLT.

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