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AWP is a brand communication & design company based in Ithaca, New York

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We create impact for cause-driven organizations and businesses by building their brands and focusing their communications.

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Our Team will elevate your brand with a look and message that creates impact, and gets results.

Christopher DelCollo

President, Photographer, new dad

@Christopharii on Instagram

Bryan Bates

Vice-President, CFO, handyman

@Bryan Bates on Google+

Nina Piccoli

Client relations, planner, photographer

@Nina Piccoli on Google+

James McDonough

Bikes, type, and all things design

@typesprint on Twitter

Megan Harrison

Facilitator, Californian, froyo connoisseur

@MayGunJones on Twitter

Gennie Harris

Developer, music lover, cat lady-in-training

@onegennietoomany on Instagram


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